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Job Postings:

Professor of Psychology - Full Time - Florida Southern College
(Application Deadline - 04/20/2021)

Adjunt Professors - Abnormal Psychology and Physiological Psychology - St. Mary’s University
(Until positions are filled)

Psychologist Position - Charleston Counseling Center




Hello Mental Health Providers: For many patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), medication and/or CBT and ERP are effective treatment options. For some, these treatments are ineffective, and they are severely disabled by their OCD. Psychiatric neurosurgical procedures represent one treatment modality that is open to such patients. We are seeking to gain a better understanding of providers’ knowledge of and attitudes toward psychiatric neurosurgery for OCD so that we can understand referral patterns and awareness about this treatment option for intractable OCD. We would appreciate your time in filling out this survey to help us reach this goal, no matter your level of knowledge or expertise on the topic.